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Campo de' Fiori - Jewish quarter

Rome Domes apartment:

First double bedroom

Fine two bedrooms two bathrooms apartment, with sitting room, dining room, and large open plan kitchen, endowed with two utmost panoramic terraces with panoramic views of most Rome's domes, in an elegant historical palace facing the famous Tortoise fountain. Excellent equipment. Daily cleaning.

    • Elevator
    • Air conditioning
    • Colour TV with satellite dish
    • Indipendent heating
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave
    • American coffee percolator
    • Normal landline telephone
    • Internet Wi-Fi high speed internet
    • Personal guide of Jewish Rome on request

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The first double bedroom is a jewel in its own right. On one hand it is a very intimate room, and on the other hand the views from the windows, overlooking old Rome's domes, the roofs and also the skies, endow it with an ethereal, airy feel.

The first double bedroom seen from its door

The double bed is made of two beds which can be separate or combined. You find a wooden chest of drawers, a wooden wardrobe whose door also includes a mirror, two bed side tables and chairs.

The room is also endowed with fine lamps, on the bedside tables, on the chest of drawers, and also on the walls (bracket lamps).

Window view. Rome domes appear when walking in the room, or also when lying in bed.

When in the room, you will see the domes larger and closer than they appear in this photo (as wide angle lens were used, they tend to reduce the size of distant objects).

Probably the intimate feel of the room is given by the delicate paster grade of the walls, by the old large wooden beams of the roofs, and by the drawings of the patterned cloth of the courtains, of the bedcover and of pillow covers.

Master bedroom, opposite view

The bathroom of this room is situated very near its door, in the corridor of the sleeping quarters. It includes the normal elements (bidet, toilet, sink, mirror) having an early 20th century old England style, and also a Swedish-type radiatior (grid-wise) enabling you to dry towels after having used them. This bathroom has a shower box, as you can see.

The bathroom of this room

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