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Spanish Steps (Via della Croce): "Leonardo"
Third corridor, single and twin-bedded rooms, second bathroom

We dedicated three pages to this fine apartment:

(1) floor plan, foyer, first corridor, sitting room and patio.

(2) master bedroom, master bathroom, second corridor and kitchen.

(3) third corridor, single bedroom, second bathroom and second double bedroom (this page).

The second corridor at its end turns to the left, where one finds the third corridor. Please refer again to the map of the flat (in the first page presenting the apartment).

This corridor includes two very large built-in wardrobes (they can be seen indistinctly to the right), which are used by the guests of the adjacent single and twin bedded rooms.

The corridor also includes a mirror, paintings, chairs and a door to the patio (so guests of the bedrooms on this side can enter the patio without passing through the sitting room).

Through the third corridor one enters the two remaining bedrooms, single and double bedded (their doors can be seen to the right).

Third corridor
Finally, through this corridor one can also enter ccess the terrace, which thus can be reached by the guests of the rooms in this section of the apartment, without passing necessarily from the sitting room door.
Single bedroom with own bathroom (right)

The single bedroom includes a wooden desk, tasteful bookshelves, and a bed with decorated headboard. It also includes a second bathroom (door at the right), which is ceramic coated with tiles from Vietri. The bathroom has a shower, and all the normal components.

Second twin-bedded room

The second twin-bedded room is cozy. The beds are upholstered with tissues in tune with the bedside tables and the chairs. The room includes a window and fine paintings.

As mentioned above, the guests of the single and twin bedded rooms use the very large built-in wardrobes in the third corridor between the two rooms (see the above photo of the corridor).

Also the section of the apartment with the twin bedroom and the single bedroom is endowed with central air conditioning. Each rook has also a wall-mounted ventilator with speed regulators.

The apartment is ideal for groups up to five persons, but it can accommodate up to six persons. Upon request, a crib bed for infants can be supplied.

All inclusive weekly price from 2,300 Euro (depending on the season, no. of persons etc.).

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