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Spanish Steps (Via della Croce): "Leonardo" -

A three bedroom, sitting room, 2 bathrooms apartment with large patio to dine "al fresco", accommodating up to eight persons.


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  • Telephone
  • Sony colour TV
  • satellite aerial
  • Sony stereo Hi-Fi
  • quality air conditioning in every room
  • wall-mounted ventilators in every room
  • washing machine
  • autonomous heating
  • high vault ceilings with wooden beams
  • Italian coffee pots and American coffee percolator

We dedicated three pages to this fine apartment. Please click the underscored text:

(1) floor plan, foyer, first corridor, sitting room and patio (this page).

(2) master bedroom, master bathroom, second corridor and kitchen.

(3) third corridor, single bedroom, second bathroom and second double bedroom.

This charming, large apartment is situated in the very heart of Rome, at the second floor of a vintage "palazzo". There is no elevator but the stairs are very easy to climb. The apartment is 140 sq. Mts. large (app. 1,400 sq. Ft.). Moreover there is a 50 sq. Mts. patio (app. 500 sq.Ft.). The apartment is bright, and extremely quiet (a find in Rome). Via della Croce on the contrary is lively, although only pedestrians are allowed. It includes characteristic restaurants, trendy cafes, fashionable boutiques and cosy grocery stores.

The Spanish Steps are a few blocks away. All the other smart streets around the Steps can be found here: Via del Babuino with its antiquaries, Via Margutta with its art studios, Via Condotti with its ateliers (Valentino, Versace, Armani, Ferragamo, Fendi etc.) and jewelers (Bulgari and Armani). There are also international book shops, a renowned academy of music (Santa Cecilia), and the famous Caffè Greco.
For a more detailed presentation with many photos of this must-see quarter and street, please visit the pages presenting the Spanish Steps quarter, where you will find a page dedicated to Via della Croce.


Via della Croce: January, madams window-shopping

In the above photo you can see the street. The Leonardo apt. is situated in the first palazzo at the right. The photo was snapped in early January. You can see in the background Piazza di Spagna, and behind it the Borghese gardens.

Floor plan

Entrance - foyer

After the front door there is a spacious foyer, with a large velvet sofa, a little table, and fine paintings. The corridor that follows has built-in wardrobes and charming bookshelves.
First corridor

This corridor is only one of the three the apartment is endowed with. The first door to the right is the one of the kitchen, the one at the end is that of the master bedroom.

Sitting room


The sitting-dining room is spacious and elegant. Like all the rooms, it has high-vault wooden beams ceilings. It includes a fireplace, and a large 17th century map of Rome. It was made by geographer of that period, and it so accurate that it is used to understand in detail the exact layout of the town and of its buildings even today!
There is also an elegant and very comfortable double sofa bed (with wooden slats and quality mattress).
The sitting room also includes a nice walnut table, which can be made larger for six persons. There are six chairs upholstered with velvet (only four are shown in these photos), following Louis 16th style. and an elegant armchair.

Sitting room: opposite photo


Two poufs made of gilded wood, two little walnut tables with top made of marble slabs, and fine paintings complete the furniture. The equipment includes a brand new Sony 25 inches colour TV with satellite aerial (dish), a Sony stereo Hi-Fi (with CD player, tuner, tape deck, not shown in the photos as it was placed just after they were snapped), a wall mounted ventilator with rheostat (like in all the rooms), a halogen lamp. Every room has high quality air conditioning, with external engine and with silent internal blower.

The patio


Through one door of the sitting room one can enter the patio. It is appr. 50 sq. Mts. (app. 500 sq. Ft.) large, and it is on purpose partly shady (to protect from sun rays). It includes a table with chairs to dine "al fresco", many vases with climber plants. It is extremely quiet. It has also an other entrance, from the corridor of the second and third bedroom. The terrace can be thus accessed from different doors, so it use can be customised by tenants of larger groups.

The apartment is ideal for groups up to five persons, but it can accommodate up to seven persons.
Upon request, a crib bed for infants can be supplied.

(2) master bedroom, master bathroom, second corridor and kitchen.

(3) third corridor, single bedroom, second bathroom and second double bedroom.

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