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SPANISH STEPS "ANITA" (Via delle Carrozze):
Twin beds room

  • Complimentary cell phone
  • 4 colour TV sets with satellite dish
  • Independent central heating
  • Computerised air conditioning
  • Shower with Jacuzzi
  • Washing machine + clothes dryer
  • Dish washer
  • HI-FI stereo (CD player, tuner)
  • American coffee percolator, tea kettle
  • Mixer, orange squeezer, iron, iron board
  • Fully equipped kitchen
Large elegant 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment in a quiet and charming street right in front of the Spanish Steps. Tastefully furnished and remarkably equipped.

Apartment presentation

This room is where originally Garibaldy and Anita lived, and we ofter refer to it as "Garibaldi's room". It is thus endowed with a painting of the hero, and also with books and illustrations about the hero and his wife Anita. The most famous Italian hero and his wife stayed in this room during to the 1849 uprising. 
The rooms is accessed from the sitting room, through a passage space. It is a rather spacious room, with sobre yet well appointed furnitures and fittings.

The third, twin-beds bathroom. The beds

Opposite view showing the large wardrobe

Like the sitting room, it overlooks Via delle Carrozze. The two separate beds and their heads have a rather classical look.

There is also a desk with chairs, and a large wardrobe, with many doors and sections.

The room is endowed with a carpet, and with fine paintings, notably one with Garibaldi's portrait.

As it occurs in all other bedrooms, a colour TV and a perfecly working AC blower (with remote control) complete the equipment.

Opposite view: right area: the desk, the armchairs,
Garibaldi's painting

The bathroom of this room is next door, in the passage space. It includes the usual elements, yet notably you also find a Jacuzzi shower box, with many sprinklers.

The bathroom, with Jacuzzi shower box

The bathroom, another view

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