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MUSIC: Un'emozione da poco
(A slight emotion - will please us) by Anna Oxa - 1978

Back in the 90s we were a cultural society of Rome University, which brought us to friendly, constructive international relations with European university members visiting Rome for cultural reasons.

In 2001 we created a service enabling visitors to enjoy the remarkable cultural and tourist resources of Italy while staying in comfortable quality properties, and as they are taken care with attention. The service was prepared until 2003, and it became fully effective in 2004.
We learned that each guest has different requirements, and a different interaction with Italy and its society. We consider our mission meeting these requirements.

Mauro Abate,
"Mastro Geppetto"

Our reward - besides from seeing every day satisfied guests - is above all finding along the way many new friends from different corners of the world, bringing our countries together.

Nearly all the editorial content and the text of the pages are work of Mauro Abate, Roman Homes' genuine "Mastro Geppetto" (the hardworking toy maker, Pinocchio's creator and father). Contributions were given by Tonia Gauer (introductive paragraphs of a few pages), Daniela Filippin (Monteverde Vecchio page), Michelle Wood (Romantic Rome page), Nicole Fensore (Rome Fashion page).

  The large majority of the photos of the site are also work of "Mastro Geppetto". A few photos are courtesy of friends, in particular Rich Kubiszewski, a traveller who was able to capture the spirit of Rome, and Roberto Barda (interior of the main Synagogue). Some photos were made for Roman Homes by a young Roman photographer, Leonardo Roberti. If you would like to know more about these photographers and their photos, please enquire.

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Founder, Director,
English speaking countries correspondent, and webmaster (actually more known as "Mastro Geppetto"):
Dr. Mauro Abate
Mauro Abate was born and bred in post-WW2 multi-ethnic Libya from a very mixed family. After his exile in 1970 he lived in all parts of Italy (North, Centre and South), initially as a wandering Jew, an experience which left a mark, yet also very instructive.
He thus experienced different social ranks and conditions (refugee, unemployed, employee in privately owned companies, state employee, self-employed). A versatile person, he practised successfully different professions (including that of medical doctor). A free spirit with an international mindset, his main interest are international relations and ethnic conflicts, on which he does voluntary work.